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Mazda Hoods

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MX5 MK1 (H550)

This hood comes with original style plastic window assembly that has original grain effect weld around it, it has the extrusion welded into window section to stop zip head scuffing outer hood material in the same way as the O.E.M part. This is the most original aftermarket hood avaliable for this car in the world.

MX5 MK1 Glass Window Upgrade (H560E)

In 1998 Mazda lanched their MKII MX5 that came with a glass rear window, owners of MKI cars wanted to upgrade from their plastic window hoods. BAS produced a replacement hood for the MKI enabling the owners of the plastic windowed hood to upgrade to hard glass. The hood is produced to be an exact replica of the O.E.M MKII hood and has all plastic fixing parts sewn to the hood. The rear window is heated and fitted to the hood in the same way as the original. MKI cars may not have electrics in place for the heated rear window, however most auto electricians can do this job.

MX5 MK2 Glass Window Hood (H560E)

Made to the O.E Specifications

MK3 Hood (H570)

The BAS replacement Mazda MK3 hood is a perfect replica of the original hood. It comes complete with a heated glass rear window, all injection moulded plastic parts and side cables complete with the hardened steel brackets fixed to the end of them. Mazda produced this hood in a cheep grade mohair, BAS only use the highest quality mohair in the production of our hoods making this hood a better option than the original part.